The ultimate guide to packing for a luxury weekend away

luxury weekend awayluxury weekend away
luxury weekend awayluxury weekend away


The ultimate guide to packing for a luxury weekend away

A weekend away should be a relaxing experience, not one which is marred by not having packed enough clothing or toiletries. Packing for a luxury weekend getaway does not have to be difficult, and because you are going to be spending time at one of the finest hotels in South Africa, you can afford to pack lightly when it comes to toiletries and dressing gowns (for those times when you feel like relaxing on the settee with room service). Below is the ultimate guide to packing for a luxury weekend away.


Choose the right bag

Choosing the right bag for the situation is important, especially if you are going to be flying to your destination. The bag you choose should be on the small-to-medium size scale, as you are not staying for longer than two or three days.

You could choose a backpack if you are minimalist and do not have many clothes to take, but be warned that you may not be able to fit everything into one small backpack. A holdall is ideal if you are invested in looks and longevity, and leather is the best choice for a stunning weekend holdall. A suitcase is the perfect option if you are going to be flying, and you will be able to find many spacious and stylish options in most luggage stores across the country.


The outfit basics

No matter where you may be off to, it is important to have a wide range of outfits to choose from for your time there. You will need a ‘day’ outfit, something comfortable but elegant for lounging and exploring in, something to wear in the evening for lazy nights and a special outfit or two for when you eat dinner at the accommodation in South Africa.

For a day outfit, you cannot go wrong with a simple white t-shirt, dark jeans and comfortable loafers. For men, a simple button-up shirt, chinos and sneakers go well together. A neutral palette is important in order to make life easier when choosing clothes for the day. For evening wear, choose classic lines for your LBD and men should always wear a blazer to the dining room, as some hotels in South Africa have dress codes for evening meals. Don’t forget comfortable pyjamas for sleeping in.


Grooming gear

While you may be on holiday, you will still want to look your best while out and about, which means that you should pack essential grooming gear to ensure you turn heads. One rule to remember when packing is if you use it daily, then you should definitely pack it.

The essentials you will need to pack include your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, perfume or cologne, and skin- and hair-care products. If you are going to be spending time out and about on the beach or in the outdoors, you will need to bring along sunscreen in a high SPF. Pack travel-sized products to maximise space, and be sure not to pack the most expensive grooming products you own, as it would be devastating to find an expensive bottle of face cream crushed in your luggage.


Always check and carry the local currency

This is important if you are heading off on an adventure to a foreign country, even if it is on the same continent that you live on. You will want to be able to buy some souvenirs or drink at local bars, some of which may only accept local currency in cash.

It would be highly annoying to be caught without any cash in an emergency or if you have decided to eat outside of your hotel. However, some of the best lodges in South Africa often have ATMs on-site or accept Rands as their currency, making it easier for locals and tourists alike to purchase all necessities and luxury items. You will also need to be able to tip any hotel staff for their services, which is best done in the local currency.


Do your research

One of the most important things you will need to do before leaving for your luxury weekend getaway is to do your homework. You will need to know what the weather is going to be like for the duration of your stay, and what the general ‘vibe’ of the location is.

Packing warmer clothes for a beach location will mean that you are uncomfortably hot for the whole weekend while bringing skimpy outfits to a mountain retreat in winter will leave you freezing and unhappy. The ‘vibe’ of the area, especially the hotel, will dictate what evening wear you bring, and what outfits are best suited to your daytime activities.

If you are planning on going on post-dinner walks, be sure to research the area for the best trails and what to pack with you for exploring the area. Researching before leaving for your trip will make packing easier and the entire experience more exciting, as you wait in anticipation to reach your sumptuous weekend destination.

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